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A bunch of information and tools to help you to implement a flexible mobility plan in your company


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Mobility budget

Implement a federal mobility budget

Information & tools to implement and manage a federal mobility budget
Mobility plan

Implement a flexible mobility plan

Information & tools to implement and manage a flexible mobility plan
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Customer stories

Customers Stories

Testimonies of mobility managers & employees
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People ❤️ Mbrella

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 100% of our employees worked from home. It became clear to us that we needed to start looking into more flexible mobility options. To create a flexible mobility plan that fits the needs of every employee. That’s when we contacted Mbrella.

Alisson Nonclercq
Happiness / HR Manager

I live in Brussels and didn't use my company car a lot so I switched to a mobility budget. I won a lot on mobility options and can now even pay my apartment rent with the mobility budget.

Dario Deserranno

The mobility budget has proved an ideal solution for colleagues who like to cycle, prefer public transport whether or not in combination with a scooter or bicycle, or for colleagues who do not (yet) have a driver's license.

Joachim Nuyttens
Managing Director HR & Quality